Which Online Ad Channel Works Best for Your Business? All of Them.

The automotive dealer that runs newspaper and billboard ads, the financial institution that does direct mail and radio, the clothing designer that runs traditional print – what do they all have in common? Many do a great job in traditional marketing, yet struggle in effectively integrating online marketing into their current efforts — and they are missing huge opportunities  to connect with customers as a result.

Online is one of the most easily measurable form of advertising, and can support traditional marketing and generate tremendous lift to your conversions and sales. The dilemma is that there are many forms of online adverting: SEO,  Banner ads, Facebook, Mobile, Yellow Pages, Apps, etc. Each expert will tell you that their particular channel is the most effective. While they all have merit, blending across multiple online channels increases results significantly.

So what does each online channel offer?

Search Ads drive clicks from highly qualified customers who are actively seeking your services.
Display Ads builds and reinforces branding, while providing a richer visual experience.|
Video ads engage viewers attention and get 8x the CTR as static ads
Facebook builds awareness at minimal cost and helps support all other online efforts.
Mobile search and banner ads reach people on their primary device where they spend the most time.
Click to Call Mobile Ads drives calls to your phone.
delivers ads people who have already visited your web site, but not yet purchased, reducing abandonment.

The most recent Experian report shows the connection and the effects of online and offline advertising and the importance of fluidly moving through channels and devices to better connect with your customers. Its all part of a cross-channel strategy that will ensure that you don’t miss an opportunity to connect at that perfect moment when a customer is ready to engage.

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Sometimes great online campaigns drive few clicks, and still generate huge sales. It could be relevance of your product, price point, ease of purchase, seasonal interest and customer habits. Many people see an online ad and then visit a retail location, or call by phone and convert there, meaning CTR and impressions may not necessarily reflect an accurate ROI for a cross channel marketing effort.

Its important to understand that each online ad channel serves a distinct purpose. However the best way to see significant increase is to blend them concurrently – Cross-channel online ad campaigns perform up to 23% better than any single online channel. You’ll also reduce online marketing costs by averaging a lower cost across multiple channels, and reach qualified customers across tablets, mobile devices and desktop browsers.

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