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What Makes Someone Leave Your Website? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Online Marketing

What Makes Someone Leave Your Website? [INFOGRAPHIC] image what makes someone leave a website 300x65Did you know that that 40% of web visitors never return to a website after a bad browsing experience? Businesses by and large have come to understand the value of creating compelling content for attracting and retaining web visitors. But it is also important to ensure that a website is designed in a way that ensures a compelling user journey.

You surely don’t want your visitors to head to the exit door of your web real estate as soon as they have entered, right?

The question remains – what makes for a bad web experience? According to Kissmetrics, things such as poor navigation, obtrusive use of video and audio, boring content and design, and poor legibility can put online users off and result in excruciating bounce rates.

Kissmetrics provide the answer in this infographic, visualising some examples of what not to do when designing your website but also dishing out advice on how web design mistakes could be fixed.

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What Makes Someone Leave Your Website? [INFOGRAPHIC] image leaves a website sm2

Source: What Makes Someone Leave A Website?

What Makes Someone Leave Your Website? [INFOGRAPHIC] image inbound marketing checklist cta

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