What Is The MOST Important Element Of A Landing Page?

Landing pages have two goals:

  • Drive prospects to the page, and
  • Get prospects to take action once there.

Anyone can create a landing page, but what constitutes a great landing page? A great landing page gets the job done. It results in engagement and action.

In a recent poll on Optify’s Facebook page, I asked our community to vote on the MOST important element of a landing page. See the the results and add your opinion!

What is the most important element of a landing page?
Here are the results from 445 total votes:

  • Call to action – 207 votes (47%)
  • Design layout – 105 votes (24%)
  • Headline – 72 votes (16%)
  • Pictures and images – 32 votes (7%)
  • Offer – 24 votes (5%)
  • Confidence building – 3 votes (.6%)
  • Descriptive copy – 2 votes (.4%)

Creating a great landing page is a critical step in the conversion funnel for B2B marketers. By viewing the page as a speed bump in the conversion process rather than an information dump, you’ll find users will be inclined to move onto the next step and they’ll do so, because there is less friction. In addition, you’ll be able to attach ROI measurements to your various marketing campaigns. As you test and refine your campaigns, this insight into their net values will enable you to become more efficient and effective at driving down costs per acquired customer.

We all know there isn’t just one most important element for creating a great landing page. Here are other resources to help you optimize your landing pages for conversion:

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  • Good topic, Jennifer. I like how you get to the point immediately. Here’s my take:

    A landing page should gain the trust of your customers while helping them make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or perform some other action that you can use to track your conversion. Also, in PPC, it can help lower your cost per clicks.

    You can improve your landing pages by:
    – Featuring content that you can’t find anywhere else.
    – Not tricking or misleading people.
    – Making it easy for people to find what they’re looking for.

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