What is a Responsive Website? Do I Need One?

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  • Everything made possible through technologies today. I think Marketers should have the go with the flow attitude to go upward. I mean it is something that he should find strategies which is likable by masses. Websites are the source of possible traffic then if your want to make it more effective, then invest in something that could make you change through latest trends of technologies today.

  • HI Laura, Nice post. you have highlighted the need for adoption of RWD in an articulate manner.The market dynamics are changing. The 2013 ComScore mobile report states that ‘Smartphone’s have surpassed 125 million U.S. consumers and tablets are now owned by more than 50 million. We have now crossed into the Brave New Digital World – in which consumers are always connected’.People today are using more than one device computer, tablet, phone, etc and they use it in complimentary fashion. In this scenario, it becomes imminent to take the different form factors and capabilities of each device into account when designing their website. I would say that for the term of 10+ years RWD would be the major force.In my quest to learn more about the RWD, I have registered for a webinar on Best practices in Responsive Web Design, it looks a promising one http://j.mp/125MSXv

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