What Are Your 2013 Internet Marketing/ Lead Generation Resolutions This Year?

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  • Jeni Hans says:

    My traffic strategies for year 2013 is to FOCUS on 2 traffic methods a month and get things done rather than being ALL over the place, what do you think?

  • Paul

    There is some fantastic stuff here. I always enjoy reading engaging work. Something I’d like to mention, without this sounding like a sales broadcast is that at my business http://www.wecando.biz we have, for the past 3 years had tools in place to enable lead generation to become simplicity itself. We knew that there were people out there in ‘social land’ who ask for the things they need through Twitter particularly – we developed some great tools to find them, based on our members own businesses (matching stuff they need to sell to stuff people are saying they want to buy) AND it works – we have shared over 3m sales leads. As I said, I don’t want this to sound like an ad but we know it works.

    Happy to talk it through with you any time


  • Ben says:

    I like your focus on statistics and measuring your campaigns. Paid search especially needs to evaluated constantly to make sure your ROI is worthwhile. For video analytics, http://www.viewbix.com is worthwhile to look at

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