How to Be on Top in e-Commerce in 2014

The world of ecommerce is a fierce and competitive one to say the least, with the environment constantly changing and with search algorithm updates. For any online business, digital presence and online recognition is of the upmost importance to staying on top of the e-commerce game.

Create content

Online content is one of the best ways to communicate your brand. Whilst being beneficial to search, lively and interesting content is really key to reaching consumers and adding value to your offering.

We no longer live in a world where customers just want to buy products straight off, they also want information, advice and ideas on topics in and around the product. Make sure you are creating content for your customers whether it be on product pages or on a separate blog. A top tip is not to just talk about your products, but be topical and informative as well so that you are really engaging with people, not just selling to them. In the past the company has used internal data around Mothers and Fathers day cards on The Dogsdoodahs blog which provided statistics like ‘12% more people sent Mum a gift than Dad’.

Tools of the trade

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I was always more drawn to the creative and communications side of things, and in my early days with greeting cards, we’d be scanning images on a flat­bed and producing page layouts on screen using Quark. These days we’re dealing with smarter and more powerful software such as Direct Smile and the Adobe suite.

I would suggest investing in the tools you need to do the best job you can, especially in an industry so visually driven like ours. In a continually varying and fast paced industry a major advantage can be to have the best tools to create the best products. It is not only creative tools that affect the way you work, measurement and monitoring tools are also part of the mix that can drastically enhance the way you work.

Be immersed in your brand

Your brand should always be the heart of what you do and should resonate throughout all aspects of the buying process on your site. We have a very fun and bubbly brand, which we embrace across the site from our email newsletter to the personalised cards and gifts.

There are very few online markets that do not have competitors, so standing out from the crowd is vital to being able to stand strong as a business showcasing your USPs wherever possible. Each marketing channel and point of contact should enhance the user experience, and give them a better sense of what you do and what you stand for. Everything from your tone on social channels to the wording of the confirmation email at end of sale can be another opportunity to build a customer loyalty.

An important thing to remember is also to be flexible, your consumers’ needs and demands will naturally change over time as technology develops and culture diversifies, so adapting accordingly is the key to remaining successful.

With the e commerce market moving as fast as it is, there are never solid sets of criteria that will ensure your success, but following these simple steps will help you on your way in the year to come.

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