Top Challenges in Modern Website Design – #3 Marketing

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  • Great article! I am the owner of a small website design, online maketing and business consulting firm in Tucson, Arizona. I completely agree with your major points especially on the “It’s a Process, Not a Project” part. We emphasis agile development as well. It benefits clients to understand that their website is continually evolving and new content is needed, not just for relevance but also for SEO.

    Do you have a particular opinion about Splash pages?

    It accomplishes the call to action; however, it might over emphasis it. Thoughts?


  • Ryan, not a big fan of splash pages unless the site is down for maintenance. They don’t typically deliver the critical information, fresh content and calls-to-action (more than one) needed today.

    PS, got my Master’s at U of A. Loved Tucson.

  • Making your site memorable is great but you need to make it unique as well! They might remember your site and a few other’s like it but to ensure they are thinking about only your site, a unique site is much better

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