Tips To Increase Website Traffic: 4 Easy to Follow Steps

There are hundreds of different ways to increase website traffic. But not all of them will help you bring or develop consistent website traffic. For those who rely completely on search engine optimization, website traffic usually fluctuates. The reason, Google panda and Penguin update. All those website which rely on social media and networking sites will also see rapid change in their visitor statistics, since they are not alone in the game.

So the question is, how to increase website traffic?

Well I think I have an answer for you, actually I have 4 simple, easy to follow answers and I am sure if followed properly, they will yield best results for your websites and blogs. Though I can’t guarantee that you will see a sudden boost in your visitors, it will surly help you in long run.

increase website traffic

How To Increase Website Traffic

  • Focus on readers rather than bots.
  • Try to use and implement LSI and long tail keywords.
  • Build backlinks to improve SERP.
  • Offer subscription.

Focus On Your Readers

Always care for your visitors and then only you will be able to convert them into your loyal readers. Offer them with best design, easy to use navigation and show them adverts without hurting their reading experience. If you follow these tips it will not only help you avoid Google page layout penalty, but will also make your website visitors happy.

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Now if you are daily SEO news readers, then you must have noticed that almost every SEO guru will tell you to highlight your keyword in bold, italic and underline. Each of them will ask you to write article with word length more than 500 words. But do you think these steps are going to help you or are going to add any value to your article? Answer is NO.

Well we should highlight all important phrases, but only if it looks natural and is able to attract attention of your reader to that sentence. Considering the article length, we should not focus on number of words, rather than that we should understand whether the post is able to deliver the required information or not. Since its quality which matters and not the quantity.

Using LSI & Long Tail Keywords

If you are a novice blogger or webmaster then it will be really difficult for you to rank for some tough and highly competitive keywords. In such case you can go for LSI which stands for Latent Semantic Indexing and long tail keywords which are usually referred as low hanging fruits.

These types of key phrases are easy to rank since less number of peoples make searches using them and so it has lees number of competitive websites. So you get maximum chance to rank and grab the global traffic.

Tips & tool for implementing LSI and long tail keywords.

  • If possible use them as your main headline.
  • Use any of the related search term within your first and last paragraph. Use Übersuggest.
  • Use to find LSI words for free.
  • Use Google adword keyword suggestion tool for finding perfect long tail phrases.
  • Try to use these words in your subheading and in middle of your content.
  • Also use them as alternate text of any particular image in your post.

Build Backlinks To Improve SERP

We all are familiar about Google penguin, and so their is no reason to use black hat link building methods. Since it won’t benefit you but will surely harm your position and authority. You will lose all your organic website traffic and so leads and conversions.

The only way to succeed in current SEO era is white hat link-building methods. These include lots of different strategies. You can perform,

  • Guest blogging,
  • Can use article marketing (only web2.0 websites).
  • Can perform commenting (both do-follow and no-follow).
  • You can distribute press release which can be called as link bait, since many different news sources may include it in their websites.
  • Finally you can even create your own blogging network for backlink distribution.

What I personally suggest is using Squidoo and Hubpages for article submission. You can even use some popular and strictly moderated article directories. It’s really important to submit quality content or else you will be hit by both Panda and Penguin updates.

And if you can invest in press releases then you can see sudden improvement in their domain authority and PageRank, which will ultimately help you increase website traffic for free. (Remember that today PageRank won’t help you even a bit to improve  search engine result position).

Finally, a few of the other, but common, methods are bookmarking, backlinks from video sharing sites, doc submission websites, forums. Though the link quality might not be so good but can be added as an effort.

Offer Newsletter Subscription

My personal favorite email marketing service is Mail Chimp. It’s a really good service for novice and start-ups since it offers you a free plan in which you can have up to 1000 subscribers. And that’s the reason why I just love them.

You can easily use their service to create a signup box. You can even use free WordPress plugins for this purpose. Finally, using the authentication key, you can connect your website and Mail Chimp. Now the only task left is showing your newsletter box in your sidebar, below content, above content or as a popup.

Whoever subscribes to your mailing list will become a part of your growing website and traffic. Now you can use this list to attract already interested subscribers to your landing pages.

That sounds really interesting but the most important part is creating compelling content which will help you automatically attract organic visitors. Without visitors you can’t think of getting any subscribers. So go ahead and implement all of my tips and tell me how it helps you.

So these were four of my personal tips which will surely help you increase organic traffic and website visitors for almost free. All your suggestions and comments are appreciated.

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  • Rahul says:

    Great post. I loved the idea of email marketing, since I am a new blogger so using mailchimp will be perfect for me. Thanks for such an amazing guide.

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