The Importance of Optimizing Sites for Mobile Devices

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  • We couldn’t agree more!

    It gives you a competitive edge as you’re right so many companies do not invest in mobile sites, even large companies.

    I think it’s important to allow users the choice to pick which page they go on. Do not force users to go to tee mobile site.

  • The growing number of mobile devices with Internet access is not limited to Kenya, as the trend has spread globally. I believe this is the next level in mobile device communication, and getting smaller and smaller devices is the ultimate goal for manufacturers of mobile phones, smartphones, iPods etc. “Small is beautiful” is the name of the game in the mobile communication market, and as you rightly said in your article, marketers, large or small, should not (and can’t afford) to miss this terrific opportunity. The number of small portable devices will probably equal that of desktop devices in the future (this is my personal estimate anyway), so those engaged in Internet marketing should expect that about half of their search engine traffic will come from handheld Internet gadgets in general.

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