Successful Email Marketing – Rule #5 – Take Time for Text

Make good use of real text (not graphics) at the top of your email. A graphic-heavy email will appear blank until the subscriber has selected to download the graphics. Real text in the message will remain visible even in HTML emails and will entice subscribers to open the complete email. As noted in Rule #2, your body text should be both concise and informative, telling the complete story as quickly as possible. Use good calls to action (e.g., Buy Now or Learn More) to drive traffic to your website with the promise of more detailed information.

Try This: Experiment with text-only HTML emails. Because email marketing software cannot deliver open and clickthrough data for plain-text emails, you’ll want to create emails using HTML (but with no graphics). A simple text-based, personalized email (i.e., featuring the recipient’s name) may appear less like a blatant commercial message and therefore may be more compelling.

Best Practice: Always have a colleague or friend cast an eye over your email text before you send it. Nothing will turn your subscribers off more quickly than a spelling mistake. Remember, even the most highly respected journalists and authors have colleagues review and edit their work prior to publication. It is highly likely you will not notice your own mistakes. However, do not involve too many people in the editing process. As a marketer, you want only to capture mistakes, not solicit opinions from multiple stakeholders on your promotions, content, or style—this will only delay your email campaigns from going out.

Are your email marketing campaigns leaving cash on the table?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and therefore profitable online marketing solutions available to today’s entrepreneur. Its simplicity and speed, combined with its low cost and transparent, easy-to-understand reporting, make it a popular driver of business for companies and organizations of all sizes.

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Despite this, many marketers fail to maximize on their potential from email marketing.

Could your email marketing campaigns be more effective? Would you benefit from a quick review of email marketing best practices? Are you making common email marketing mistakes that reduce the success of your campaigns?

We believe that successful email marketing starts with 10 easy-to-follow rules that help you maximize your results while avoiding those “rookie” mistakes that damage your reputation and eat into your profits.

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