Successful Email Marketing – Rule #4 – For Subject Lines, Think Headline News

Your subject line is your first line of defense between your subscribers and the delete button. It should scream benefits. Think of it in the same way as a newspaper editor does a headline. Your subject line should tell the full story and entice the subscriber to read more. Because of this, you should give your subject line as much thought (if not more) than your body text.

Consider This: Your subject line has the power to influence your subscribers even if they have not opened your email. People are busy and, even if they want to, may not have the opportunity to open every email you send. A good subject line will resonate with your audience and may act as a reminder to visit your website at a future
point in time.

Optimize: Instead of guessing what your subscribers are interested in, why not use Google’s Keyword Tool to optimize your headlines and content? For example, a toy retailer who enters the word “Lego” into the Google Keyword Tool will quickly discover that people are currently more interested in “Star Wars Lego” than “Harry Potter Lego.” This should mean a Star Wars Lego–themed email will offer a greater return than one featuring the boy wizard. Technology—it’s magic!

Are your email marketing campaigns leaving cash on the table?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and therefore profitable online marketing solutions available to today’s entrepreneur. Its simplicity and speed, combined with its low cost and transparent, easy-to-understand reporting, make it a popular driver of business for companies and organizations of all sizes.

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Despite this, many marketers fail to maximize on their potential from email marketing.

Could your email marketing campaigns be more effective? Would you benefit from a quick review of email marketing best practices? Are you making common email marketing mistakes that reduce the success of your campaigns?

We believe that successful email marketing starts with 10 easy-to-follow rules that help you maximize your results while avoiding those “rookie” mistakes that damage your reputation and eat into your profits.

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