Stop Trying to Game the System

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  • I must say that, from a readers point of view, I shall be greatly relieved when the search engine algorithms are sufficiently tuned to get rid of the “spun” articles and badly written “keyword stuffed” rubbish.
    As an seo practitioner, though, it can still be very tempting to go down the road of link-farms and dummy blogs – because everybody else does it. However I think those days are coming to an end – just think how much spam email gets through your filters these days as compared to its heyday a few years ago.
    The key compromise therefore has to be persuading clients to target more specific niches that are less competitive than perhaps they first instruct, and writing quality content for these specific niches therefore providing quality and search engine friendly highly targeted content.

  • My main point with this article is that focusing on delivering valuable content and a quality user experience to the client is more effective than trying to engage in questionable SEO tactics. And Google paid me nothing to write this. I wish they had but no such luck.

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