SEO Copywriting: Fundamentals and New Approaches

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  • That’s the trick for most websites, then isn’t it? Creating quality content is easier said than done.

  • I don’t know how many copywriters have the time to follow this ‘best practice’. I write copy for the web and in my experience clients want articles fast. I would love it if a client paid me an hourly rate to research, interview and take great photos but when I’m asked for ten articles on the real estate industry in a week, I’m lucky to have an hour between edits, let alone a day.
    Yes, I agree Google isn’t the most ideal way of researching but if you’re careful to double check facts and write creatively then plagiarism has nothing to do with it.

    PS. Would that be a stock image you’re using here ;-)

  • Naymin says:

    There are lots of great tips to improve visibality but it is really difficult to have qualitative content and do not know how google exactly count :)

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