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Whether you have an established site, you’re thinking of expanding your business to an online presence, or you’re a beginner looking to experiment with web design or programming, you’re definitely going to have to enlist the services of a registrar at some point.

For most people and businesses, the need for site-based services goes well beyond simply registering your first domain. Who will design your website? Where will your site be hosted? Do you need to have your own e-mail server? How can you protect your private information from becoming public? How will you assure the people who visit your site that the site is secure and can be trusted? Getting a small site registered and operational can usually be done at a minimal cost. Unfortunately that cost can quickly increase when it comes time to answer theses questions and as the needs of your site continue to grow.

The good new is, you can greatly reduce the costs associated with owning and operating your site simply by using promo codes from the GoDaddy coupons page and just a little bit of planning.

Domain Registration:
The first step towards launching your site involves securing your domain name, so we’ll start with new site registrations. One of the most common GoDaddy coupons, $7.49 .COM registration, can easily be found at just about any given time & offer a 37% discount off the usual $11.99 price. You’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger discount on registrations when you need more than one domain or you need to get registered today. Coupons for $1 .COM, .NET, and .ORG registrations save you an incredible 91% and tend to pop up about once every month or two; however, $1 registration coupons can only be used once per account. When you are lucky enough to find a working $1 registration coupon, consider it a good time to pick up your first domain or add a new one to your collection.

Domain Hosting:
Now that you have your domain, you’re going to need somewhere to put it. If you don’t have the hardware or the technical know-how to operate your own server, you’ll need to secure hosting services. 20% off domain hosting coupons offer a reasonable discount and are pretty easy to come by. If you can get in on one of these, you’re doing okay. More rarely you may see the occasional coupon for 25% or more off hosting, or a general coupon that can be applied to hosting service. When you find one of those, it’s time to lock in your longer term hosting plans.

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SSL Certificates:
When it comes to assuring site security to your visitors, things can really start to get expensive. Even the most basic SSL certificates start at $69.99! Luckily, you can find a coupon to save you over 81%, and snatch up your standard certificate for only $12.99 at almost any time.

Domain Transfers & Renewals:
So what happens when your registration period starts drawing to a close? That’s when you start looking for domain transfer and renewal coupons. If you haven’t found any amazing specials scattered throughout the year, you can still find transfer and renewal coupons for around the same price as new registrations ($7.49 to $7.99). This also means you can take advantage of any insane introductory specials you may find from other registrars & still get a good deal on another year of registration when you transfer later on down the road.

Dollars off & Percent off Your Entire Order:
With additional services including privacy protection, email hosting & management, and site design adding to the current total of over 55 product offerings, you may find yourself looking for GoDaddy coupons that can be used for just about anything. Whether it’s percent off or dollars off a minimum purchase amount, you’ll generally find yourself saving 20-30% on miscellaneous services when you look for the right coupon.

Cash Back & Special Offers:
Sometimes you may find great promos with discounts that can’t be combined with coupon offers. Even when you can’t use a coupon, you can still use FatWallet Cash Back shopping to get some extra money back with your order. Similarly, using certain coupons can sometimes prevent you from earning cash back, but it’s always worth a shot to use a cash back link just in case you can get paid a little extra.

Putting it All Together:
To maximize the money you save, consider breaking your order down into multiple smaller purchases. This way, you can use multiple coupons and chose the ones that are best suited to each particular service you order. You may also want to start with shorter terms on your services whenever you think there is a good chance of finding a better deal to extend your service before it’s time to renew.

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  • Andrew says:

    the last big discount was for registering a new .com or for only 1.87$. the coupon was “TUBE” but it lasted only 48 hours. they go fast :)

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