Report: Online Shopping Cart Abandonment Still A Big Issue

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  • Great infographic.

    I think it’s important to know WHY customers abandon your shopping cart. One way to do it is utilizing visual customer analytics tools both for websites and mobile apps (Appsee is a good example for tracking mobile app). These tools enable to you to see and understand exactly how customers interact with your wensite/mobile app and improve the customer experience. By improving the customer experiece within your app or on your website,retailers will decrease the abandonment rates and improve the conversions and engagement.


  • To truly understand why customers are abandoning from your site or mobile application you need good analytics and visibility into customer behavior. How can you understand WHY they do anything on the site if you can’t see the site, and their visits, from the customer’s point of view? Solutions like Google Analytics, Coremetrics and Omniture give you visibility into WHAT happened during the visit of segments of your visitors. This gives you the critical analytic insights necessary to manage your sit. However, this insight is incomplete. As valuable as analytics are to fleshing out aggregate understanding of your site, they are not terribly insightful into WHY the outcomes occurred. For example, analytics will tell you your customers DID abandoned in greater numbers today than they did yesterday, but they cannot tell you WHY. For that kind of insight you need a CEM solution that can give you individual AND segment visibility; especially visibility into customer struggle. Being able to replay the actual session for any visitor, as the visitor experienced it, is key. If the solution also allows aggregating groups of like users into ad hoc segments this gives you immediate understanding of the relative significance of the struggle as it relates to conversion or abandonment. You can quickly and easily identify other users who exhibited the same behavior to determine the significance of the struggle experienced by the segment (i.e. # of visitors impacted, revenue lost, etc.). As sites increasingly deploy more complex and visually stimulating technology, I suspect abandonment will continue to expand. Only sites deploying CEM technologies like Tealeaf will be able to ascertain where their visually appealing designs are enabling customers, or where the sites are frustrating them. I expect these organizations to be the ones bucking the current trend.

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