Recent Google Panda Update – What Does This Mean for Small Business SEO Efforts?

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  • SEO isn’t taking a break or going anywhere for small businesses. It’s really a level of journalism learning the ins and outs of the organization you are working for. Then, taking that knowledge and communicating it the best way possible online.

    When Panda was introduced, the role of a SEO started to evolve into a heavier role for online success. I believe SEOs have a stronger role than they ever have. I could go deeper into this subject, but I’m somewhat of a trade secret.

  • Saying SEO might be taking a break is certainly just an opinion. I have to admit I went back and forth wondering what the future would hold for SEO and small businesses. I definitely agree that journalists will have to figure out how to be creative in getting the word out there, I’m just wondering how long it will take.

    I also think it’s great the way SEO is evolving. I hope that we see small businesses making it all work in the near future!

  • I believe that website owners who pay SEO companies to maintain their sites are the ones doing good on the race. It all boils down that, if you don’t have money to invest, it’ll take you a lot of time to make it on top the SERPs.

    • It certainly seems to be turning out that way. This has been the common attitude for a while, and I absolutely agree, I just wonder if it will continue to prevail in the future. We shall see! Thank you for reading!

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