Providing Choice And Reaping The Rewards With Your Ecommerce Campaign

Blockbuster, HMV, and Virgin Megastore are just some of the high profile names that have gone into administration in 2013 while blaming the growth of Internet commerce for their failure. This shows the modern business that they need to adapt to survive and this will not only usually include effective ecommerce but it may require diversification and the integration of so called m-commerce too. Mobile Internet usage is on the rise and this means that mobile commerce is growing too.

Merging Online And Offline Commerce

Retailers are looking for greater ways to merge their offline and online commerce efforts into a single, cohesive retail unit. Apps and mobile responsive websites can be accessed from anywhere in the world and there are a number of technologies emerging that allow retailers to send coupons and offers via mobile phone to visitors within the physical confines of their high street stores. Such technology may see an increase in 2013 although it will depend on whether contactless payments and near field communications are allowed to continue to develop.

High Street Failures

The high street is becoming an increasingly difficult place in which to survive. January is not even over yet and several high profile UK based companies have already become the latest casualties of the recession or increased competition from online resources. Again, this is a trend that looks likely to continue. Not only is it vital than an organisation further embraces the Internet but that they look for emerging ecommerce technologies and techniques to help drive growth and development.

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Mobile Internet usage will continue to dominate the ecommerce arena and this means greater attention to what has become known as m-commerce, or mobile commerce. The technology behind smartphones and the proliferation of tablet PC devices means that more and more people now access the Internet while on the move. An increase in the number of ways payments can be made and accepted on this media means that m-commerce sales are also likely to increase.

Greater Options

As well as ordering online, companies have been offering the opportunity for their customers to choose whether to have items delivered to their home or made available for collection at a local store. Choice is a vital buzzword when it comes to commerce and your online shoppers will expect to see greater choices and even more options. They will want a range of payment options, numerous delivery options, and a variety of offers and discount schemes that they are able to choose from.

Emerging Technologies

Ecommerce companies and stores should look to emerging websites and technologies to assist their marketing efforts. Sites like Pinterest have shot to fame and while Facebook may prove beneficial for some organisations, embracing these emerging social media websites could prove more cost effective and could provide you with a solid following right from the very beginning.

Apps And More

Apps will continue to prove beneficial. Create something that benefits your customers while promoting your brand. If you sell clothes then offer a virtual mannequin that can be customised with a headshot of the customer, for example. Be innovative and unique to enjoy the best possible results from your ecommerce in 2013.

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