Photos in Email: Get More Subscriber Action

Over half of email readers turn on images in the emails they receive. Surprised? Combine this with Email Marketing Reports’ study on how image-heavy emails can outperform the alternatives with the right execution, and you’d be right to think twice about sticking to your plain text, no-frills design strategy.

If you’re ready to start incorporating more images in your emails, you’re in luck. First, AWeber offers image hosting so you can easily upload any of your photos to use in your emails. And second, we love to share ideas that will help our readers’ with their emails.

So today, we have several examples of businesses using images in ways that make sense while also being fun and effective. Take a look, get some ideas, and use the image hosting option to upload your own images.

Indigo Wild – Showcase Your Products

A fun email by Indigo Wild

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Here is a colorful email from Indigo Wild, a natural products store. The first image is a lot of fun; anytime you can incorporate a pet into your images it’s guaranteed you’ll get some smiles.

But Indigo Wild also gets down to business with photos of their actual products for sale. When people are making a decision on whether to buy or not, consumers prefer to see what it is they’re buying before clicking that “Purchase” button.

Dr. Susan Rubin – Share a Cartoon

An email by Dr. Susan Rubin that includes a cartoon

This email is entertaining. Dr. Susan Rubin does something similar to Indigo Wild with the fun, personal photo at the top. She also included a cartoon, which is very eye-catching and amusing.

Surprise your readers with something purely for entertainment. You can find and upload something you found to be funny (make sure you give proper credit by including your source) or use Apple app Paper by FiftyThree or to make your own cartoon. You can also use a program like Skitch to mark up images.

Mazzone True Value – Share Event Photos

Mazzone True Value's email, featuring event photos

Mazzone True Value sent this email out to let people know about their PumpkinFest. Hosting events such as these are an effective way to establish customer relationships and also attract new customers.

By sharing pictures of the event, Mazzone is establishing themselves as a people-friendly business. Those that attended the event will be excited to see if there are photos of themselves while others will enjoy the candid, non-stock images.

Chef Tony – Tantalize Subscribers’ Tastebuds

An email by Chef Tony, featuring delicious dishes

Chef Tony wants to get people to eat in his restaurant. So what does he do? He sends coupons with photos of his food and restaurant. This makes sense – it’s a way to show off his product – and it’s also highly effective in getting tummies rumbling.

All Chef Tony had to do was snap some photos of the delicious creations he was cooking up and upload them into his emails. Subscribers who have eaten at the restaurant may think “Yes, that was the best dish I ever had. I must go back!” while new customers may think, “That looks like it will be the best dish I ever had. I must try it!”

Get Images In Your Email

Follow these instructions to easily start uploading your own photos and using them in email. You can also check out Smashing Magazine’s “How To Use Photos To Sell More Online.”

What do you think would be good to share?

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