Optimizing Website Conversion: An In-Depth Look

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  • Multidimensional testing is not a common word in the industry so lets not make this more complicated. The is the following A/B testing aka A/B/N test that is 2 or more variations (so 100 variations can be still an A/B test.

    Multivariate test is a combination of different sections. So what you call a Multidimensional experiment is and Multivariate test and what you call a multivariate test is called and A/B test.

    Check Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely and our tool Convert.com. Lets keep is simple :-)

    Dennis van der Heijden
    CEO of http://www.convert.com

  • Denis, Excellent point. Thank you for your feedback. Looking at it now, it appears my editor removed the multidimentional explanation from the article completely for the audience’s sake, but left in the title where it should have been a continuation about multivariate. But now, I feel as though we should do a followup article on just multidimentional tests since it is a more complex subset of a multivariate that we didn’t get to talk about here. I wish VWO or optimizely had a feature to make multidimentional testing easy. I am not sure if your product does or does not since its been a while since I had the opportunity to use it. If you are open to it, I’d love to find out more about where your product has evolved. Maybe we can even collaborate on some new feature possibilities.

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