Online Marketing Assets – Why You Must Be In Control

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  • If this is the case so why would people hire agencies or individuals which they pay to handle their online visibility? I mean for me I hired them to be free of worries from these stuffs..this is just my opinion, I hire them to take care of those things so that I won’t be worrying matters similar to that..

  • Great post. It’s unfortunate but I often see small businesses hire an agency to help them with Internet Marketing and the agency they hire registers everything in their name instead of in the name of the business. This means the business will either need to keep paying the agency for ever, or be prepared to go to court to get the rights to their own website, google places accounts, etc…

  • Hello gentlemen, thanks for the comments. Tyrone, it’s not that you shouldn’t hire an agency to help you but if you do, make sure your assets are in accounts you own and can control. I help my clients with their online marketing but I always use accounts created specifically for the client, not my own accounts. If we decide to stop working together, the client can either take over the work or hire someone else to help them.

    Robert – right on. That is exactly what has happened. I have had to call VPs of companies to get them to release Google Places accounts but fortunately, none of my clients have had to go to court. I refer to this as holding someone hostage and that’s not very business savvy.

  • Great article and thank you. We are an marketing agency and often offer free domain name registration and free hosting with our website development service. Our clients never seem understand why we insist on purchasing these and other “online assets” in their own names. You do a great job of showing the importance of being in control of these assets.

    • Thanks Andria. I’m glad you share the same views. Too many small business owners get stuck down the road when they want to part ways with their agency. By ensuring your clients have access to these assets, you do them a huge favor and demonstrate your integrity to our profession.

  • There is nothing about online reputation management that is simple or easy, but probably the biggest no-brainer solution there is out there is that companies should look after their online reputations BEFORE they get messed up, instead of trying to play catch up once the damage has been done. Even simple tools like Repumatic would help a ton.

  • Naz, this is true. Being proactive about your reputation is important to prevent issues. But unfortunately, small business owners don’t always realize that these things are happening to them until it is too late.

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