New Message: Why Email Is Still The Master Of Multi-Channel

Email, old fashioned? In the ever-growing (and often-impossible-to-keep-up-with) world of communication streams, email is a relic of the past, right?

Well, no actually. Not even a little bit! The most cursory glance at the stats shows that Email Marketing is not only alive, but dominant.

Despite iPads, smartphones and other techie innovations, the good – and by today’s standards, relatively old fashioned – method of sending out emails to generate business is still as good as any, if not better. In fact, to some extent, the constant access smartphones provide has given email additional vigour.

Email can be added to a long and illustrious list of technologies often said to be dying, which are in just as good health as they ever were, from the personal computer to . The goalposts may change on a frighteningly regular basis, but email is still proving it has the stamina and legs to keep up. In other words, it’s still an admirable and robust match for its competitors. And for any company or business trying to raise its profile, increase brand awareness, and attract potential customers, this can only be a good thing.

Here, then, are a few indisputable reasons why email – along with press releases, internet campaigns, and picking up the phone – is still the way to go when it comes to marketing your company.

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Cut Cost

At a time when companies are trying to keep outgoings to a minimum, Email Marketing is not only one of the most effective but also one of the cheapest. Newspaper adverts, television slots and mail shots, for example, can be extremely costly and usually requires a significant amount of manpower, whilst one person can multiple emails.

It’s Quick

In business, time is very often the essence, and with the click of a mouse an email can be sent and received instantly. Even if it’s not picked up or opened straight away, it’s still there waiting to be seen by potential customers and clients. By extension, you can send a message to anyone in the world at any time – even get people to opt-in to email marketing campaigns they are interested in! The internet truly has made the business world a global market.

Word Of Mouth

If you eat a good meal at a nice restaurant, what do you do? You tell your friends about it. Email is no different. If someone reads an email and likes it, they’ll forward it on to other people – a kind of multi channel word of mouth – therefore increasing the number of people who read it and lining up potential customers and business.

Maintains Relationships

Establishing a solid customer base is difficult enough, so when you’ve got them you want to keep them. A regular Newsletter or a weekly email is a great way to continue building customer relationships as well as reminding past customers you still exist whilst also hinting at possible future business.

Effortless Integration

Email’s flexibility and ability to include a lot of information means that it can be seamlessly integrated with any other systems you have in place, from Email Marketing and eCommerce to email marketing and social media.

Targeting Customers

Key to the success of any business is targeting the right customers to ensure you’re contacting the right people with the right product; after all, there’s no point in sending endless emails that will go straight from the inbox to the junk box. Customers can have the choice to opt out if it’s not appropriate to their needs, thereby in the long run saving their time and yours.

Analysing Trends

Email is a great way of analysing specific things such as patterns and trends and looking at online behaviours to target particular companies for particular preferences. And by way of keeping the man-power to a minimum, emails can be automatically triggered to go people who will most benefit from them, hence no wasted physical resources and no wasted time.

Improving Standards

A large part of the success of any company is based on customer feedback and understanding what they want – it’s essential for any business to grow and thrive. Email is a quick and effective way of communicating to learn from, not only yours, but the customers’ experiences and utilizing them to improve on standards and services in the future.

Be Green!

In keeping with the relentless modern drive to be eco-friendly, sending emails is another way of boosting any company’s green credentials by reducing the amount of paperwork and hard-copy.

So the myth that email is dead is discredited, a fallacy, and using email marketing can greatly improve your chances of making your business a 21st century force to be reckoned with.

About The Author:

James Duval is a technology and business specialist. He is currently trying to work out how he’s going to integrate his ecommerce software with his marketing campaigns for a start-up idea.

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  • Campayn says:

    These are great reasons as to why e-mail marketing has still remained on top when it comes to reliability, lead generation and ROI… especially ROI – done right and with the right company ( a company can make their e-mail marketing costs virtually non-existent while building quality relationships.

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