Moveover Photoshop, DIY Animated Images Now in the Cloud

Ever stayed up all hours of the night trying to create GIFs in Photoshop for your email campaigns? Sometimes for me, those hours turn into segments of days. Time to close out your photo-editing program, as Cinegif  launches a cloud-based platform designed to enable professionals and novices alike to produce high quality animated GIFs.


Cloud GIF Creation

Inspired by the rapidly-growing trend among teens to use animated GIFs in social media, and similar in creative scope to the popular Cinemagraph style moving photographs by New York fashion photographers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, the Cinegif platform offers users a brilliantly simple balance of technology and creativity. As the first on-line, DIY engine to create high quality animated GIFs, the Cinegif platform is aimed squarely at enabling creative and marketing professionals to use this dynamic new medium to improve e-mail marketing campaigns, website design, and social media sites without the hassle of expensive image editing software.

“Cinegif enables businesses to visually communicate in a more engaging yet simple way,” explains Graham McFarland, CEO of Cinegif. “We are taking the animated GIF from the studio to the boardroom by increasing accessibility and significantly reducing time spent creating, without compromising quality.  Our on-line process makes it easy for all levels of users to create this engaging and effective new form of digital communication – a perfect blend of still photography and video.”

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The new cloud platform features include:

  • Multi-Media: Upload video or sequential photos and images from a variety of standard formats.
  • Creative Tools: Patented technology powers a creative toolset that isolates and preserves motion in either your video or sequential photos.  Make Cinemagraph™ like creations in just minutes, without the hassle of expensive and complicated editing software.
  • Easy Editing: Easily trim video clips and sequence up to 150 photos or digital images.
  • High Quality Conversion: Create high quality animated GIFs of any dimension up to 600 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall, ready-to- use in any digital marketing campaign.
  • Smart Compression: Patented process automatically reduces file size up to 80% while maintaining professional design quality. Advanced controls allow adjustments for speed, motion, and quality, to customize the end result.
  • Gallery: Enjoy unlimited hosting, downloads and storage – all in one spot and accessible from anywhere on the web.

iPhone Video to GIF

Cinegif Video is an iPhone app that makes texting and e-mailing more fun, more personal and more meaningful by adding your own instant play video clips to your everyday mobile communications. Unlike traditional video, Cinegif creates small, animated GIF files that play instantly on most smart phones. Small file sizes still make big impact, delivering motion and engagement without the hassles of traditional video — and without chewing through your data plan. Click here to add video to your everyday conversation.

Now that you’ve made ‘em, have a look at my previous article for 5 Ways to Use Your Animated GIFs.

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