Mobile Marketing: It’s About Convenience, Simplicity, and Proximity

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  • Excellent article. I agree with your statement that sums things up nicely, “Keep the path to the sale as short and easy as possible, and make interacting with your brand on mobile convenient and proximate.” It’s funny how so many businesses think that their regular website is just fine on a dinky little mobile screen. Mobile websites are made for mobile devices and are just as important for any business that is aware if their online marketing strategies.

    • Erich,

      Thanks for the comments! Yes, I totally agree. I think all of these changes are happening so quickly, it is difficult for SMBs especially to keep up. My focus for 2013 is try to add value by simplifying the critical issues in digital marketing that seem to crop up daily…

      Thanks again,

  • These 3 principles are seemingly keys to mobile success. However, the problem still lies in the millions, heck billions, of sites out there that aren’t mobile, simple, convenient or easy to navigate. Most sites has speed issues due to focus on fancy graphics and cool features users almost never care about or use. Much of the problem is the web design industry developing crappy websites and giving out the wrong advice. Those who can change the strategy around have a winning advantage for their customers.

  • Great advice Chris, I agree with you; mobile marketing is about convenience, simplicity, and proximity. And that’s why the app is so great. It allows shoppers and travelers to opt-in to receive deals and incentives right in the palm of your hand. Also, LocalZonely makes it easy for businesses to provide these incentives and deals to current and new customers, in their area, in real-time. The LocalZonely app connects savvy shoppers and travelers with businesses and destinations, in the best and easiest way possible.

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