How To Make Money From A Website—55 Ways To Bring In The Cash

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  • This is a fantastic list of ways

    to make money online.

    I have definitely learned a few tips

    from this very informative article!

    Great share and keep up the good work.

    Eric Patton

  • Nice list! I liked the one about turning your website into a subscriber site. I’ve considered that with my Hawaii focused site, but can’t see how best to do it. I will likely keep some content free so it ranks in Google, but then offer some premium content that only subscribers get to see. No idea how much to charge for it though. Anyway, cheers, great article.

    • Hi Vern,

      I just wanted to say I am a huge fan of your “Aim for Awesome” website! It is funny I found your website because I did a Google search on “Huna” and came upon your site. I am a huge fan of your work! -Steve

  • Thank you so much for this exhaustive list Mitz!! Really amazing. I’ve been using a couple of these methods to make money for about 3 years now. Some more successful than others.

    Michael McClune

  • Sure, these are real ways to make money online. However, only a few succeed with them. One reason that could be responsible is the inability of the site owners to create a consistent level of value that would keep attracting and engaging visitors. A tweak on this will make a lot of sense for most bloggers and website owners.

    This comment was also left in the new aggregator site for internet marketers –

    Sunday – contributor

    • I totally agree that freelancing is “THE SAFEST WAY” to make money online but who wants to always build other people’s businesses? That is a great place to start though. :)

  • How about “leasing” my content to another site? I am developing a site (web application) that a lot of other sites might be interested in not linking to, but embedding my content into their site. I control, control and host the content. I was thinking monthly/quarterly/etc. Is that being done and if so, how?

  • I do like your suggestion “37. Resell your content #3”. I’ve been creating a lot of niche content about GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification for my company AddTransit ( Most of this content will only be relevant to people within the transport or transportation software industries. This can be challenging as we need to use communication methods that resonate, are familiar and that business audiences find acceptable. Oddly enough, purchased information is often more trusted than free, so this idea should hit the mark. And of course this should result in both revenue and marketing benefits.

    Thanks for the idea.

  • hi. i am madhura. i am developing website related to livability which define the best place to live ever. but i am confused about how to create a money for this website. i don’t want to used advertisement. we have just put up sing up process. can u plz help me.

  • great article , and use full
    i founded this in google .. thanks for google

    i have a small doubt how can i earn money by giving download links to visitors not in the way of uptobox , userscloud .. etc
    i hope U will reply soon

  • This has been helpful in a dozen times i have a web but mine was to help people live healthy and younger through some food that i have made for research and tested . So i should think on how to make money with the website. Thanks So much for this ripe of information.

  • Hello
    Mitz Pantic

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