Live Events: When Online Advertising Goes Offline

ad conference It goes without saying that online advertising industry has already converted into one of the most scalable sectors in the world. In fact, no matter, which business we’re talking about, the potential success and further development is definitely influenced by its online ad activity to a considerable extent. In this respect, whereas the companies, working in this segment, have generally got their offices, the job is being done on the Web, usually including negotiations and signing agreements as well.

However, there’s a point when numerous enterprises, engaged in online marketing & advertising, prefer going offline, with an initial aim to present and promote themselves to potential partners/clients, generate new leads and discuss the main trends on the market. All these activities wouldn’t be possible to arrange, if there weren’t launched world-famous conferences and themed events.

Ad: Tech

Ad:Tech is recognized to be the international “Mecca” for every company, involved in online marketing and advertising, e.g. publishers, advertisers, ad agencies and networks, ad serving enterprises and, certainly, versatile media, focused on the niche topics. The event is known to take place several times during the year in various parts of the world, yet the results of your participation in it remain likewise impressive.

Namely, the conference will be especially advantageous for beginners, wishing to present their service to the public, get acquainted with their future partners and earn some reputation. As Anton Ruin, CEO of Epom ad serving company, admits, for instance, there wouldn’t be a way to increase the company’s client base without Ad:Tech, which usually gathers thousands of people, working in the same industry all at one place. “The event is by all means huge in its scale and positive impact on your business”, he claims.

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Affiliate Summit

Being a more specific event for the enterprises, working in online advertising, annual Affiliate Summit events, yet, allow expanding your opportunities in finding new leads, sustain relations with your loyal partners and, surely, improve your brand reputation and recognition in the field. The conference tends to be held in different places as well, yet, the media coverage is more, than satisfying each and every time.

As for the possible drawbacks, which should be considered, while making a decision to either participate in the event or not, is the clear awareness of your main goal you wish to reach, and the set of opportunities you need to acquire via attending it.

iAB MIXX Conference and Expo

Being exceptionally beneficial for companies, dealing with ad serving & management segments, iAB MIXX Conference and Expo is seemingly a perfect event to take part in, if you wish to learn everything about the new-generation technologies and solutions that have been already introduced and those, which will, perhaps, be craved for in the upcoming future.

Featuring live seminars by some of the leading specialists in the sphere, iAB MIXX Conference and Expo enables you to track the hottest trends in online marketing and advertising, as well as add essential leads to your contact list.

Of course, the above-mentioned events are just a small part of the list, and you can’t but encounter a lot more of them, all being more or less helpful for your business development. Nonetheless, picking up the most efficient ones is the inevitably necessary thing to do, in case you don’t have the immeasurable budget at your disposal. “The best way to make the final decision is to estimate the costs and compare them to the value of potentially opening opportunities, at least that’s how we made our first choices back in 2010”, Mr. Ruin from Epom states.

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