Interesting Creative Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

The dream of everyone who has a website is to drive traffic to it, yet it’s not always easy. There are millions of websites that go live every day that make driving traffic quite a challenge. Luckily, however, a number of creative ways can help you get the necessary attention and traffic you desire. You simply have to work harder, throw a little creativity in the mix and apply new methods. Here are some of the top ones.

Use Flickr to the fullest

Flickr is one of the fastest growing photo sharing platforms out there. Guided by the fact that many of us love photos, you should leverage the power of photo sharing to the hilt with this platform. Once you add photos on this site, you should be able to add tags to other people. If your photos are good enough, you should be able to attract a bevy among them to your website. If this seems like a problem, you can as well write blogs and link to the flicker website. All these will bring traffic to you.

Give free things on your website

A website that “gets” the reward system that can get you an avalanche of traffic, for example look at PlagTracker’s New User Rewards System. This website offers plagiarism-checking services to students and other people who write papers, through their engine and checker tools. If a visitor refers another visitor to them, they qualify for a free check. Users and visitors also get rewarded free services when they post the website details on their campuses or when they review the service. Adopting a reward system for your website such as this has the potential of getting you more targeted and interested website traffic.

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Plagtracker rewards

Join social bookmarking sites

The essence of social bookmarking websites is to share sites that have interesting stuff. The faster you join any of the top social bookmarking websites, the better it will be for you. Since social bookmarking websites operate like search engines, always add your website on them. Appreciating the fact that people will only be interested in your content if its top notch is a crucial point you need to ponder before going in this direction of traffic creation.

Start blogging

Of all the things you do on your website, the power of blogging for traffic should never be ignored. This should however, not be limited to your own website alone, do it on other blogs as a commenter or guest blogger to drive traffic to your website. Also, note that your blog shouldn’t look like spam. Keep it neat and simple.

Use a forum signature

When you join a forum, you should learn how their signatures work. This important tool can be used to promote your website to potential visitors and community members. You could customize yours with more information about your website; add links to your website. This can be a great resource to help you drive more traffic to your website.

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