Inbound Lead Generation 101 for B2B

Inbound lead generation is a marketing term that has been tossed back and forth for a while.  But outside the B2B marketing world, do we really know what it means?  I will begin our adventure together today by introducing some of the basic concepts of inbound lead generation, along with a few things you may like to know about it and why it’s important to your business.  An important thing to remember is that lead generation assists in a desired result of a greater number of lead conversions and then the ultimate goal – successful closes.

So first off, let’s define an “inbound lead.”  In a nutshell, this type of lead is anyone who has found you and/or your business online and is someone who can potentially become your client.  Your messages and solutions have prompted this person to initiate a higher level of engagement with you in order to learn more about your products/solutions or who may be interested in your content for other reasons.  The majority of these people are not the decision-makers, but are on an information-gathering quest.  Still, it is necessary to have a message that can be understood by anyone involved in the decision-making process.  It is also important to remember that the inbound lead has not yet been qualified, or provided any sort of contact information, or made any sort of decision(s) about your company at this point.

Now that we understand who our inbound leads are, we can now tackle the concept of inbound lead generation.  Inbound lead generation involves using a variety of online techniques and social media to pique interest and obtain a high level of enthusiasm for your company’s offering(s) from specific target markets.  The main idea behind this is to gather as many inbound leads as possible.  The more leads you have at the top of your sales funnel usually results in a higher percentage of closes at the bottom.

The world of inbound lead generation and lead conversion is very complex, but extremely important to the success of your B2B organization.

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I would like to hear more about your company’s success stories via inbound lead generation and what techniques have worked best for you.


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