How to Use Social Campaigns to Grow Your List and Your Facebook Page


If you’ve been using email and Facebook to market your small business, you have subscribers and fans already.

But don’t you want more?

Continuing to grow your email list and attract new fans is an important part of any online marketing strategy.

And did you know that you can use these tools together to grow your list and your fan count at the same time? It’s easy with some of the recent updates to Social Campaigns including the new Sweepstakes campaign and list growth features.

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Sweepstakes campaign

The sweepstakes campaign allows you to run your own contest or giveaway through your business’ Facebook page. In order to enter, people need to Like your page and they need to provide a name and email address.

Here’s how it works:

When you create a new campaign, select the Social Campaigns beta campaigns.


Then select the Sweepstakes campaign.


Next, fill in the details – choose the prize you want to give away, any additional details, and headlines or titles for your campaign pages. You are required to provide a fine print for your giveaway – there is text already written, but you can add your own details. And you don’t have to choose your winner – Social Campaigns will randomly pick a winner from all the entries and it will send you an email with your winner’s name, as well as a full list of entries.


The next step is to create a look and feel for your social campaign – pick your color theme and font – and preview how your campaign will look on Facebook.


After that, create an email to promote your campaign to your email list. All you have to do is choose your list and make sure the “from name”, email address, and subject line are correct, and your email is ready to go – it will be delivered when you publish your campaign. The other details are filled in for you, and you can also have a reminder email sent to your list 24 hours before your sweepstakes ends.

The last step is to choose a date for your sweepstakes to start and end, and then publish your Social Campaign. After you publish, make sure you promote your campaign on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn using the Simple Share tool.

Your sweepstakes is now live on Facebook, and you’ll be getting new fans and new email subscribers.

List Growth via Social Campaigns

Social Campaigns recently added a new feature in the beta campaigns that requires your audience to provide you with an email address in order to claim offers – which will help you grow your email list. If you’re using the coupon or downloadable content beta campaigns, after your audience clicks “Like” they will be taken to this page and see a request for their email address like this:


After a fan enters their email address, the offer is sent to them:


If it’s a downloadable content campaign, the email will include a link to that content. In this example, it’s a coupon campaign. For coupons, all the fan has to do next is print the email or show the coupon at your business. Easy, right? Your fans get a great incentive and you get new email subscribers.

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