How To Test The Waters Of Social Couponing


When it comes to driving sales through social media channels the going can get tough, and lines may seem blurry. A lot of marketers are reluctant to ask for the sale for fear that they will turn off their fans. But, great deals are exactly what customers are looking for when they connect with a brand page. By failing to provide this incentive to fans on their page, brands miss out on a huge opportunity for customer satisfaction, viral reach, and increased sales.

As it happens, digital coupon users make 22% more shopping trips per year and spend 23% more on those trips than the average shopper. So, why not use your brand page as a way to deliver value to your customers, so they will spend more with you? Here are a few quick tips for using social coupons to increase your bottom line.

  1. Set Limits – A common complaint of digital coupons is the assumption that they cannot be controlled. If you are using the right technology, this is absolutely not the case. Your service provider should allow for print limits to be set, so that you only distribute as many as you can afford. Plus, limiting the number available, along with a set time frame in which to claim the offer can make the call-to-action even greater. But, when doing the math remember the redemption rate for digital coupons is much higher than a traditional coupon due to it being more targeted, shareable, and searchable.

  2. Experiment – Finding the right kind of offer that causes fans to click, share, and print may take some work. So, try out a few different deals over a period of time and measure the response. At the same time, experiment with ads and promoted posts to get the word out. Fans can’t print your coupon if they don’t know it exists! Also, make sure these coupon offers are unique to your brand page. If fans can get the same deal from their Sunday paper it is unlikely that they will be motivated to go to your page to get it, much less share it with their friends.

  3. Dig Down Deep – After running a successful campaign, you may be wondering what comes next. Well, that depends on the kinds of tool you are using to deliver the coupon in the first place. A good social app employs technology that not only delivers the coupon to fans, but can track the use of that coupon – shares, prints, redemptions – and learn enough about the fans themselves to follow up, building long-term value. It’s not just about driving one purchase. It’s about a greater ability to turn fans into repeat customers over time.

Your fans are often your most loyal and active customers. Offering them an incentive will help to strengthen that relationship, and encourage them to become social advocates for your brand. This all adds up to a strong social media leg to your marketing strategy that adds revenue you can see.

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