How to Succeed at Online Retailing

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  • Agree! Busy person don’t have time to shop in concerned with his diligent schedule. It is an active opportunity for individual who have passion in online business. However, sellers will begin in investing in research on the product and the techniques he might do to build a trust and acquire growth. Tapping on any popular sites will be a help for expanding online business. And it is good to understand the demand of each consumer for the idea that may consider in doing innovation.

  • I’d also suggest the idea of product placement elsewhere on as many QUALITY commerce sites. Leveraging big brand to reach more potential customers is often overlooked. Even if your profit margin takes a hit, the brand awareness you gain from extending your product’s visibility can expedite company growth.

  • Good points. Another would be to test. Test Call to actions, test buttons, test layout, test content and measure results after the change. Also get as much feedback as possible from your website visitors to ensure that your website (your sales shop) is up to scratch, easy to navigate and clear.

  • Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for an interesting post.

    From my experience, finding out about the various platforms for e-commerce made a big difference.

    For digital products or a small number of physical products, the open-source (not to be confused with software is great. It’s a content management system, to which website designs (known as ‘themes’) and customising programs ( known as ‘plugins’) can easily be added.
    It runs on your hosting with your domain name, but it’s a great solution.
    For e-commerce sites with many products, Magento (also open-source) is a better bet. it’s harder to set up than WordPress and needs faster hosting, but it’s the enterprise-level solution that many large companies use.

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