How To Set Up An Effective Email Campaign

In order to attract and spread word about your business, you need to consider email campaign.
Below we are going to see how you can set up an effective email campaign in a simple way for your business success.

Factors to Consider When Setting up an Effective Email Campaign

When planning your campaign, it’s important that you keep in mind the following. This will ensure you don’t make any mistakes and that you do a great job.

Your target audience

How To Set Up An Effective Email Campaign image 6262293470 6a047a42676 You need to identify your target audience and understand what they need. This allows you to design a creative email that will engage and encourage them to respond. There are cases where you identify different target audience; this means you will have more than one creative email so that you can suit all your audience.

Your objectives

You need to identify your goal, what you want to achieve after the campaign. Your goal can be to raise awareness of your product and services, generate sales or retain your current customers.


How much money are you able to allocate this campaign? This is a question that you need to ask yourself before you start your campaign. Work out your budget through considering the return you expect to get.

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How you will implement and track the campaign

You may need to look for someone who will design and build the emails for you, or send and track the campaign.

How to set up an Effective Email Campaign

Plan the email campaign

Plan your email campaign early enough before the date you will send. Take time to make the email campaign a success.

Personalize, segment and also be relevant

Using the information you have about your customers, send them the relevant messages. Develop a specific offer for every customer, do this after you segment your customer list.

Write a good and unique subject line

To keep your target audience curious, you need to have a great subject line for every email. Remember the first thing a customer will see is the subject line, if the subject line is not catchy enough, chances are high the customer will not read it. Keep the subject line simple and go direct to what you have to offer. Avoid using words like ‘free’, they might trigger spam filters. The subject line should be personalized, include your company name; this will encourage higher open rates of opening.

Test before you send your emails

Before you send the emails to potential customers, test what you are sending. Send several emails to other email accounts. Test how the email appears on Outlook, Google mail, hotmail, yahoo etc.

Is it the time right

Timing has a great impact on the success of the email campaign.

It has been said that when you send emails from Tuesday to Thursday mornings, you have a high probability of getting the highest open rates and click-through rates. Each customer has his/her own perfect timing; this depends on the type of email and other variables.

Recent studies have suggested that you should send 2 to 3 emails per month to every customer. Make sure you know the right timing and the frequency of sending the emails for best results.

Measure the campaign success

Keep monitoring your progress. Check the delivery rate, open rate and the number of click-rates generated.

Finally combine your email with other communication channels like direct mail and other online services. Online email marketing is one of the simple ways of growing your business and does not cost much unlike other marketing methods.

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