How to Improve Your Product Page Conversions

Product pages play an important role in the online store structure. A properly designed product page can increase conversions and the average purchase amount.

Lookmatic - Good Sample of Product Page Design

It is advisable to include some most important features and benefits of the product to page titles and headings along with the traditional product name. This allows a user to quickly focus on what he/she is looking for on the page. Also the additional data on your page can give you an edge over many of your competitors using nothing but generic names in titles and improve your chances to be found through search engines.

In some cases useful information can be provided in sub-titles to clearly define the official product name and additional features and benefits which are worth mentioning.

Recently it has become popular to replace traditional product images with a video depending on the user’s browsing device. This experience shows that this technique can increase sales. One can also test which content, script and voice in the video work best to stimulate purchases.

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Nike - Great Combination of Product Gallery with Overall Page Style

If you do use product pictures, make sure that they are high quality and high resolution so that they can be viewed with a zoom effect. Also, it is a good practice to enable visitors to scroll pictures in the photo gallery.

Consider using a zoom extension to allow your store visitors to take a good look at your products and examine them in close detail with the help of a professional zoom effect.

It is advisable to make unique product descriptions based on real experience. If you are the store owner you can make your business much more efficient and customer-appealing if instead of the default factory supplied description you could offer an expert information on how this or that product can really be useful and beneficial based on real users’ and connoisseurs’ experience.

Great Sample by Samsung - Simple Description with Core Benefits

Unique product descriptions are something small-sized online stores can tap into to attract more buyers. Not so with large stores with extensive inventory requiring too much time to add unique descriptions to each product. However, big online stores can make their product descriptions more unique and valuable through user feedbacks.

By the way Facebook Comments makes it easier for users to leave their feedbacks, tips and comments on products in your store simply by using their Facebook account.

Small Tag for the Photo is good way to grab attention to this product

Fairly simple but attention-grabbing things such as badges and labels are often overlooked and under appreciated by online store admins. However, eye-candy badges advertising most popular, best-selling and discounted products can be as powerful marketing tools for online stores as they are for traditional brick and mortar shops.

There are quite a lot of ways to improve a product page simply by adding some additional information. For example, as a rule, online stores display the old and the new price showing savings as percentage. In fact, it seems to work better if the saving is shown in real money.

In addition, even minor modifications of the existing functionality and content can improve the conversion rate of your online store. For example, a store with a free delivery service can boost its bottom line simply replacing its traditional free delivery information with something like “You are $ 29.99 away from Free Shipping” on the product page. There are many great ways to make your customers happily spend more in your online store by using your imagination and creativity.

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