How To: Create And Use YouTube Video Content On Your Website

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  • Dan Madden says:

    Nice article Lindsay. A lot of businesses aren’t aware of the benefits of using video on their site, and the ease with which it can be done by embedding from YouTube.

    Another advantage of using YouTube is that it gives you a central hub for your video marketing, with the ability to see not only total views for your videos, but also the amount of views you’ve received from an embedded video – i.e on your merchant site.

    To my mind embedding video on your site is only the first step though. Combining your content with a relevant, powerful call to action is what turns video into a channel that can really drive conversions.

    • Ben says:

      Most videos miss that critical point that without attractive calls to action you aren’t leveraging your video. There are currently multiple platforms that allow you to do this including both the one I work for and the one Dan does :-)

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