How to Avoid Striking Out at the Plate with Your Email Marketing

The pitcher releases the ball. Here it comes, right down the middle, barreling at your email marketing campaign; it is yours for the taking. Your old, tired campaign winds up and digs it’s foot into the dirt. Swing and… a miss! Yes, it’s time to retire that old, past-its-prime batter for the new, hard-hitting rookie. Use the following tips when stepping up to the plate to ensure you bring your a-game to your email marketing.

Creative Redesign

Give your email templates a makeover. Our brains are programmed to notice change, which is why a creative redesign will generally give you a 25% lift that may last up to three months. If you are swinging for a homerun, base your redesign off your email marketing analytics. Test different layouts, various tones, and multiple calls to action.


If you aren’t running an automated reengagement campaign, then put one on the calendar for this spring. Review all your channels for engagement because a customer who may not be engaged in one channel could be in another. Define the timeframe for identifying any parameters by which you’ll target inactives. Every team has a bad game, but the lesson here is to keep your fans engaged with tailored messaging and leave them wanting to come back for more.

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Say Thank You

Many businesses find that late spring is slow for business – sometimes the hits don’t happen. Try using a pinch hitter for your email marketing newsletter during one of those down weeks. Consider sending out a “thank you” letter or a brand-building letter where you discuss your involvement with a charity.

Switch Team Roles

Teams work better together when they understand the importance of each other’s roles; the manager has to communicate with the base coaches and the base coaches have to communicate with the batters. Encourage communication between the producers, content managers, and analysts so they can learn from one another.

You can’t expect to make it to the World Series without practicing every day and you can’t expect to have a successful email marketing campaign without continuous optimization and testing.

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