How To Appeal If Amazon Has Suspended Your Seller Account

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  • “Demonstrate to Amazon that you are serious about adhering to their rules and they will review your appeal”.

    How can one demonstrate seriousness and reform if account is not re-instated?

    The fact is that Amazon rarely, rarely reinstates a suspended account, unless it was very obviously due to their own error. In fact I have searched the internet extensively and have not come across any testimony of a re-instated account. Amazon does not re-instate, period. And they will suspend your seller account for something as ridiculous as using a different computer to log in. No recourse whatsoever.

  • While it is true that Amazon will suspend your account for very, very, very fickle reasons, it is not true that Amazon does not reinstate accounts. I have had my account suspended once and it was reinstated within a day. I have also read on other fora of other success stories. However, do not believe that because someone else got lucky you will. Amazon seller reps are not very caring and they can totally ban your account simply because they are in a bad mood. There is no recourse after that because Amazon doesn’t seem to care one bit about the other sellers on its site. Tread very lightly!

  • What if your selling is fine but you have very little feedback and a couple bad feedbacks – by folks who didn’t bother to e-mail asking for a return or stating a problem but just placed bad feedback out of anger instead of resolving the issue – tilted the whole thing because only about 1/10 sales leave feedback? And, you’ve sent letters to your sellers asking them to leave feedback but you get 2 feedback for every 20 letters? What to do? It’s just a statistics game then.

  • I got banned by Amazon as well due to violation of Amazon’s policy. Try to appeal but im not sure what i did wrong, my selling metrics are 100% healthy, and not selling any prohibited products. My account was not reinstated and TBH, its not fair on my behalf and I am sure there are plenty of sellers out there who’d experienced the same situation as me.

    I managed to get back on Amazon by creating an Amazon ghost account using this course. For those who wants to start selling again, here is the course.
    Best of luck!

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