How Analytics Will Boost Your Online Advertising Results

Online advertising is so different than traditional marketing in so many ways. Instead of blanketing your message to everyone, you can target perfect customers and deliver ads to them one-at-a-time on the sites they visit. Its less expensive and faster to create and deploy online campaigns. It usually delivers a higher ROI, and its incredibly measurable. So much so that unless you’re an experienced online ad expert, you’ve probably encountered “data fatigue” when trying to review data from different online channels. As anyone who’s used Adwords can attest, the sheer amount of data on ad performance is huge.

Fear not. Its easy to take a cross sampling of Adwords, Facebook and Google Analytics and utilize the data to boost your online advertising results. You can then apply this data across other channels, taking what you’ve learned from one ad channel and applying it to another. This can include high performing keywords, audience demographics, best time of the day to engage customers and determining what actions a potential customer might take

Some basics guidelines for success:

Have Great Ads and Landing Pages
Are people clicking on your ads and spending time on your site? Look at your offer. Are your ads delivering well? How clear and compelling is your message? Shorter concise messages, compelling offers, well designed landing pages and the easiest path to purchase will increase your ROI significantly. Don’t forget to design for mobile and desktop users. Make the effort to make these experiences great.

Clicks are fine, conversions are even better.
Simply put, a conversion is  a goal. It might be a sale, a Facebook like, capturing an email address or phone number. You should have a real idea of how much you value this information. What’s an email worth to your business, how much would you pay for a Facebook like or a retweet? Not getting conversions once customers reach your landing page? Are you bringing them to a compelling landing page or something convoluted that doesn’t drive home the sale? Even with a great page and offer you’ll lose a lot of potential customers by attrition. Set realistic goals and remember not every interaction will generate a sale. Some will get you Facebook likes, or capture emails for future communications. Consider retargeting visitors to your landing page by delivering ads to them after they leave, wherever they go on the web. Half of people who are retargeted return soon after and many convert because they have already demonstrated high intent. This will increase your conversion rates significantly.

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Facebook Analytics matter
Are most of your audience women? Do you get results in a certain zip code area? Test ad content and landing pages that support this audience data. Facebook ads software delivers great results. Apply this same data in search and display ad execution as well: Interests geographic info, zip code and pertinent keywords where applicable should be used as keywords and in your creative executions and content, if you are producing it.

Embrace Analytics and apply the info
Google Analytics provides a wealth of data. This is independent of Adwords data, as it tells you what’s happening on the website side of the equation. Time on site, bounce rates, times of day and a host of other very valuable info can be culled from Google Analytics. Review data that supports your successes and goals and apply them to your online campaigns. You can integrate Google Analytics right into Adwords, and set goals and objectives that can be analyzed to better measure ROI.

Managing multiple platforms and services can be a lot of work. If you aren’t up to the task, get expert help to do it right. Running ads across multiple channels, in display, social media and search can increase your results up to 23% over using a single ad channel. Use common sense and all available data to make sure that the effort and cost pays off.

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  • Lisa Aiello says:

    So true. Combining multiple channels is key to a great campaign, and appying the analytics from each . And with the new enhancements to Adwords, analytics are crucial to be able to run a high performance campaign.

  • Michael Massey says:

    Conversions are key as well as an engaging landing page or website-thats what makes the sale.

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