Highlights of Quantcast Whitepaper on Display Advertising

Here are highlights from a Quantcast whitepaper titled PROMISE UNFULFILLED? LESSONS FROM THE REVOLUTION that gives an interesting insight into display advertising vs. search advertising

As Quantcast points out, real-time-bidding (RTB) has been around for three years now, having begun with the launch of Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange in 2009.  The industry has grown exponentially, and is predicted to reach more than $5 billion in transactions by 2015.

Advertising professionals know that the equation determining the appropriateness of a particular ad or ad campaign for the client consists of many variables. It has been the topic of many studies. In this Quantcast whitepaper, some important display advertising and real time bidding facts are discussed, including:

The two biggest changes to display advertising caused by the rise of RTB are first, the ability to “uniquely target every single ad impression,” and second, the ability to price “each ad impression based on a real-time auction.”

The study tells us that the dramatic progress of technical infrastructure in the RTB revolution has not given much improvement in campaign performance. The whitepaper discusses why this is the case and offers the following considerations for what to expect when running a campaign using RTB:

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1. Cookies don’t last long

2. Clicks are not a good display advertising metric

3. Prospecting and retargeting go hand in hand

4. Data is necessary, but not the only goal

5. Data volume is important

6. People cannot beat machines

Finally, the paper posits that “As we move from RTB 1.0 to RTB 2.0, it is important to remember a key lesson from the evolution of search: Success comes by applying the emerging rules of a new medium rather than misapplying the rules of thumb from other media.”

At Vantage Local, we are always working to use the most up-to-date advances available to make online display work for local businesses.

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