Got A Google Places Page? Beware of This New Rule!

Different Rules For Google Places If You Are A Virtual Office

Many online marketers and social service providers are affected by a recent rule change for Google Places.

In fact, even some offline service providers will be impacted…

After a local social media meeting where some questions were asked about the use of Google Places, I began hunting for rule-specifics.

SEOMoz has published this important post about the new rule changes…

On March 22nd the official Google Places Quality Guidelines were updated to include the following language:

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If you don’t receive customers at your location, you must select the “Do not show my business address on my Maps listing” option within your dashboard. If you don’t hide your address, your listing may be removed from Google Maps.

SEOMoz goes on to clarify the rule in a very helpful way:

Business Type A
Your business is brick-and-mortar and serves all customers at its location. Show your address.

Business Type B
Your business is home-based and serves some customers at your home and some on the road. Show your address and use the Service Radius tool.

Business Type C
Your business is home-based and does not serve any customers at your home. Hide your address.

Hopefully this will help you correctly adjust your Google Places page as well as advise your clients to do the same.

Because all Google services are very interlinked, allowing your Places page to violate this rule is not a suggested measure for the health and longevity of your Google account.

PS: Oh yeah, and if you don’t have a Google Places page, you should get one. They’re a nice way to get a higher ranking listing and secure your brand.

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