Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads Vs LinkedIn Ads – A Cost Per Click Advertising Comparison

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  • No mention of Google’s PLA’s, which have replace Google Base…no more free product listings in their Shopping channel on Oct 1st. They have already started transitioning businesses over with some great incentives..such as a % back on your ad spend between now and Dec 31st. Also, you site/business has to be whitelisted by them. We (ChannelAdvisor) are currently working with our clients on helping them to make the move now and not wait…less competition at the moment and starting the move now will cause little or no loss of revenue in that channel..might even increase for a few months.

  • I believe all three types of online advertising mentioned in your post have their weak and strong points, so it would be a good idea to try to implement a balanced promotional strategy, sharing your budget to the three advertising platforms, depending on the type of the promoted product or service and your selling targets.
    You also have to take into consideration that, for example Linkedin is a place strictly for professionals and not for youngsters socializing with their pears. This fact should be reflected on your choice of products or services to promote on each different type of advertising.
    Although Adsense dominates the online advertising market, there are complaints about the irrelevancy between keywords and actual ads.

  • Very good article. Facebook is more of a social relationship site than a purely business one but it’s a good platform for building awareness. Test marketing is definitely important depending on your product or service.

  • I’ve been able to successfully sell my high-ticket coaching program using long-form landing pages. My buddy Simon told me they’re best used in the sales of high-margin products/services where a lot of information is required in making the purchase decision. The longer the sales page, the more marketing effort goes into producing it, although a solid long-form sales page can be used to sell almost any product/service if executed with top talent. Simon can help you setup long-form sales offers too, and if you’re doing any kind of big-ticket sales you should really call him at 302-401-4478.

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