Festive Mobile and Social Media Strategies for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

As the rest of the world begins to wind down for the Christmas holidays, us email marketers start to worry about how we are going to engage with people over the extended festive break.

We all know there is a huge opportunity for marketers to tap into during the holiday period (with Boxing Day in particular being one of the busiest online shopping days of the year). But with so many people away from their office desks and perhaps not checking their work emails as regularly as they normally would, you might be beginning to wonder if it is worth taking a break from your usual email marketing activity for the duration.

If you find yourself in that frame of mind, give yourself a shake (perhaps take a slug or two of eggnog) and get ready to launch your most successful email marketing campaigns of the year.

Two things will make this Christmas very different than any other festive period in recent history (at least from an email marketing prospective).

1 – Mobile: Mobile devices (including smart phones and tablet computers) have change the way people engage with their inboxes. People now carry their email around with them all the time and engage with it constantly. This means any time is a good time to reach people via email. There will be an incredible number mobile devices gifted over the Christmas period and their new users will be itching to put them to good use. So don’t let them down and get some great offers into their inboxes. Your reward (aside from the warm, fuzzy glow you’ll receive in the knowledge you’re helping them to enjoy their new toys) will be increased engagement and more sales.

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2 – Social Media: Add social media into the equation and mobile devices become the ultimate engagement tool (note: I said engagement not selling). Even if people leave their email at work for the holidays, social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest will see increased activity as people go crazy sharing every aspect of their festive break. To get a slice of this action and potentially reach an audience far beyond your email marketing list size, you’ll need to create timely and inspiring campaigns that people will be proud to share with their wider network. I like to remind my email marketing customers of the phrase, “Birds of a feather flock together”.  If your subscribers and followers “like” what you say, the chances are, a significant number of their friends and family will also “like” it.

Email marketing services like iContact provide all the tools you need (including handy iPhone/iPad and Android apps) to create, socialize and manage mobile and social media friendly email campaigns this Christmas. Socializing email campaigns can be as easy as adding simple social media share buttons to your creatives. It is also a good idea to post your campaigns directly to your Facebook and Twitter feeds. In the ideal world your email marketing subscribers will also follow your social media updates – so take every opportunity to cross-pollinate your email and social media marketing activity.

Have a happy Christmas and remember, email and social media is the (marketing) gift that keeps on giving.

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