The Evolving Trend Towards “Integrated” PPC and SEO Campaigns


While the effectiveness of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is sometimes debated, PPC campaigns remain a popular and powerful tool for driving web traffic and attracting new customers—when done correctly. Once thought of as strictly an advertising tool, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals are increasingly integrating PPC campaigns as part of an overall SEO strategy for their clients. When done properly, combining SEO and PPC creates a mutually beneficially relationship, as PPC has the potential to significantly boost web traffic and enhance the branding of a business and their products or services.

The Current State of SEO

In the past, SEO campaigns focused primarily on “tricking” search engines by creating as many backlinks and registries as possible. The changing algorithms or “crawlers” that determine search engine rankings have left this practice in the dust, as the crawlers now favor websites that contain professional content and receive natural or “organic” web traffic. SEO remains a complex and highly detailed pursuit; professional SEO services deli ver the best results for their clients by utilizing powerful analytics and research to effectively use a wide array of tools. Search engine algorithms frequently change, making SEO a difficult pursuit for the inexperienced or unprepared.

The Current State of PPC

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Professionally designed and managed PPC campaigns are still the most powerful advertising tool for boosting traffic and e-commerce revenue. The older model of PPC advertising often involved throwing out a wide net of advertisements with the hope that the ads would catch the attention of the target market. As a result, PPC ads were often seen as unattractive—and even—irritating space wasters. There has never been a shortage of ineffective PPC ad campaigns, typically due to a lack of research or strategy. The effective PPC campaigns of today are based on reaching the target market with pinpoint precision by using professional quality advertisements that are both relevant and engaging. Proper keyword usage remains as relevant as ever, though keywords need to be used in a natural and unassuming manner. The use of specially chosen images, videos, and other informative and entertaining content has risen in popularity as well, playing into the increasingly visually oriented internet environment.

How PPC Advertisements Can Boost SEO

The ability to significantly boost traffic to a website is the primary SEO benefit offered by PPC ads. Additionally, the growing role played by PPC ads in social media company revenue models offers  atwo-pronged benefit; social media PPC ads are able to booth deliver traffic to a business’s social media page and website. Social media is rapidly becoming one of the go-to players in SEO, as it allows businesses to build natural communities of followers and easily disseminate SEO friendly content. PPC advertisements also give SEO providers an ability to gauge the effectiveness of specific keyword usage, as well as offering a look into what content is most likely to capture attention.

PPCs that are placed near or above keyword search engine results are more likely to receive click-throughs, as web surfers may favor them over the actual search results. The use of PPCs is also gaining steam for those looking to take ownership of or hold onto competitive key phrases or slogans, as repetitive PPC use can “brand” wording to a specific business or website. While obtaining click-throughs remains the primary goal of PPC ads, there is growing evidence that the mere presence of PPC ads can increase brand familiarity and information retention.

Benefits Associated With Hiring Outside PPC-SEO Assistance

The success of an SEO or PPC campaign often boils down to the smallest of details. Professional online marketing and advertisement services specialize in researching competitor and consumer trends to develop the best possible approach. The ability to track click-throughs and follow up on sales leads is another vital component of successful campaigns; consistent and real time monitoring of a campaign being the most effective way to handle these tasks. At the end of the day, overall professionalism is the key to success in PPC campaigns; using an expert service is the best way to keep a PPC campaign relevant to both potential customers and the all important search engine crawlers.

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