Email Marketing: 6 Best Practices to Implement Today

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  • Good read and food for thought. Perfect timing for me as we are just about to launch our newsletter and your thoughts on when we should send it out has giving me something to think about. I hadn’t really thought about weekends because we’re a business but our clients are a mix of artists, food producers and freelancers who all work different work patterns. So sending it at the weekend when there is less other email might be the better option. Thank you.

    • Hi Louise, I think you can segment your clients into different email lists by their industries, and send email to them at different time. Thus, your open-rate shall be higher than emailing to all the clients at the same time. Because people in different industries may have different rest time.

      There isn’t a best time to send emails. It depends on lots of factors. Which industry are you in, B2B or B2C? What kind of emails do you want to send? And who are your customers, including their locations, age groups, education levels and their industries, etc? For example, if you send an email for an event, sending the email the day of the event means that, by the time a significant portion of your audience reads the email, the event will be over. So a minimum, you send your email three days before the target event.

      Shelly’s idea on sending email on weekends sounds some reasonable. But according to our email marketing experience, I think midweek days are the best days of a week. Anyway, to make is securer, you need test, test and test.

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  • All great strategies, my only question is how can a personal signature inside an email bolster open rates 5x? Customers won’t know a personal signature is in the email until they open it…

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