Email Advertising Ideas for the End of 2012

Between Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the winter solstice, and other holidays at this time of the season, now is a good time to celebrate and enjoy this time of year.

Many companies and organizations send out emails to their customers, staff, and subscribers around this time of year. So whether you want to run email advertisements on other people’s emails, or to get email advertising to run on your emails, there are a plethora of opportunities this holiday season. Here are a few of them:

Emails wishing everybody a happy holiday season

Most businesses and organizations send out some sort of holiday email to their email list at this time of year. Whether you are running an ad in the email for another business, or purchasing ads in someone else’s email, make sure that the ad is also holiday-themed, and not too obtrusive. It should be more about class instead of crass.

Year in review email

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You can talk about what you learned this year, or review some of your year’s top highlights. This works well if you have a newsletter which is about a particular fanbase. For example, if you had a San Francisco Giants fan-oriented newsletter, you could review the top moments of the 2012 World Championship team.

Shopping deals

The holiday season means shopping, so if you have a shopping business, now is a great time to either buy sales ads in other newsletters to target customers, or run ads in your own newsletter for those offering shopping deals. Post-Christmas shopping deals are of particular interest.

Holiday party invitations

Perhaps you have companies who are helping with planning or running your office holiday party. This could be caterers, bartenders, etc. One great way to potentially get a bit of a discount on their rates is to run an ad in your holiday party invitation for your company. This could go in the email inviting your, business clients and staff to the shindig.

Another potential idea is for you to run an ad in somebody else’s party email advertising your own services. If you can have some sort of holiday-themed email as well, that would work great.

Games sent to customers

In addition to holiday emails and party invites, some companies, particularly creative ones like those in advertising, come up with games in emails that they send to their customers and clients. These time-wasting games, which have some sort of technology like Flash, can be lots of fun – and addictive. If you run an ad in one of these emails, you have the potential of your ad being shared with other people if the game is so much fun that it gets shared with others. If you are selling an email advertisement in the games email, the potential stickiness of the email could be a selling point.

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