Easy Ways To Make Your Small Business Look BIG Online

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  • A few other tips:
    – Get a 1-800 number
    – Register with trust authority such as a local BBB
    – Get a professional website design (not a template)
    – Make sure to utilize Twitter, Facebook & Google Plus

  • Here are a couple of things we do with clients to help them seem bigger than they really are.

    1) Don’t hide content by using drop down menus. Smaller companies usually have a lot less content so how you present it is really important.

    2) User personalized landing pages to customize content to different segments as a way to enhance increase your exposure
    3) Add a good contact page with generic emails for different departments (i.e. billing, sales, marketing).

  • The contact details are extremely important – more than people realise I think in terms of prestige. A local home based address and number is a giveaway that your business is small and it might not come across particularity professional looking. Virtual office addresses can be cheap, and may just give you the edge over over other small businesses.

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