How to Earn Stellar PR for Your Business

PR CoverageGone are the days where SEO tactics were enough to drive traffic and earn links. We’re now where we always should have been, doing real marketing. But many businesses are at a loss as how to effectively promote their business. The good news is, you’re more than likely already halfway there, and don’t even realize it.

Create marketing campaigns from what you’re already doing

A great way to build authentic and ongoing marketing campaigns is to leverage many of the things you’re already doing in your business. Things like winning awards/accolades, community involvement, hitting major business goals and providing excellent customer service to name a few. These are the types of newsworthy events you can leverage in your marketing.

Leverage multiple media channels

Lets say your company decided to get involved in the community by helping to raise money, collect toys and increase awareness for a local charity that helps less fortunate families during the holidays. This could be an excellent opportunity to help those in need as well as earn some good buzz around your brand. Everyone wins!

First, you could plan an event. You could throw a party with food, drinks and accept toys and donations for the charity. Below are some of the channels you could leverage to get the word out, while earning awesome inbound links and brand exposure.

Event sites

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Add all the details to a site like Eventbrite as well as creating an event on Google+ and Facebook. This gives you three inbound links right off the bat as well as providing a hub where you can keep track of expected attendees.


Write a detailed post about everything you plan on doing. Event details, what organizations you’re working with, who in the community you’re helping, why etc. This will be the main information hub as well as a target destination for other sites who want to link to additional details. The benefit for you, fresh content that should get linked to. This gives everyone a resource with all pertinent information on how to get involved.

Press release

This is the obvious channel right? This is your traditional press announcement of the newsworthy event you’re organizing. The press release gives you reach to raise awareness of your upcoming event.

Press promotion

Don’t just put your press release out over the wire and call it done. Take additional steps to get local coverage for your event. Reach out to all the local newspapers, news stations and relevant blogs. Many news stations and newspapers have a spot for press releases or local announcements.


It’s a best practice to invite your immediate network to the event and give them an opportunity to help out in their community as well.

Social media

This will be an ongoing task. You want to share information from all the phases with your social network. Share the blog post, the Eventbrite, press release and any ongoing information surrounding the event and charity you’re working with. Social links, branding, engagement… all for a good cause!

Be authentic

Let’s be honest here, earning inbound links and positive brand coverage is crucial to your business. BUT, you’re leveraging your network and marketing expertise to raise awareness and donations for those in your community who are in need. Be authentic. At the end of the day, this is an opportunity for you and your company to give back. That’s the #1 goal. Let that be the passion behind a project like this. If this type of thing isn’t you, don’t do it.

Maintain frequency

The charity event is just one example. I just wanted to give you an idea of how you can leverage the real things you’re already doing in your business for marketing campaigns.

Build campaigns around everything that you do in your business. Win an award? Marketing campaign. Speaking at a conference? Marketing campaign.

Try to leverage something at least once a quarter. This is real marketing. This provides great branding opportunities and the links you earn are valuable. Maintain frequency, not a one and done. Make it an ongoing part of your business.

With all the recent algorithm updates, you have to be more creative on how you earn quality inbound links and build exposure for your brand. Leveraging what you’re already doing for your business provides excellent opportunities to do real marketing and net real rewards for doing so.

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