Does Your Website Answer these 5 Questions to Convert Visitors into Customers?

A website is a way to speak.  And when talking to your prospects, you have to say all the right things.

And you have to communicate quickly.  A visitor to your site will give you about five seconds of their time before they decide to stay, or go.

Five seconds.  Not a long time.

So if you want to help them stay, and increase your odds of turning a visitor into a customer, your website needs to answer these five questions:

 1.   What is this?

You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t make it clear, crystal clear, what exactly they do.

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Always assume visitors know nothing about you.  Don’t make people have to click or read big blocks of text to figure out what you do.  Make it very obvious in your slogan or somewhere in your header.  That way, no matter what page visitors land on when entering your site, they’ll know what your business is all about.

2.   Is it for me?

Who are you targeting?  Teenagers, pet owners, seniors, small businesses?  Visitors need to know if your business knows how to service people like them.

Identify your audience in taglines and headlines and use images of your typical customer to signal that they’re in the right place.

3.   What can I do?

Can I sign-up for a newsletter, read a blog, watch a video, download a whitepaper, or buy something?  To keep me on your site, you need to make it clear what my next steps are.

Set up conversion goals for your website and aim to improve them – constantly.  At a minimum, you want to capture a visitor’s information through a newsletter sign-up, free-trial, or free download so you can start marketing to them.

4.   How is it different?

There’s probably hundreds of other businesses online that offer the same products and services as you.  So make sure to communicate how you’re different, what value you bring, and why a customer should choose you over your competitors.

And the best way to talk about your value is to have your customers speak for you.  Scatter customer testimonials throughout your site (not just on a dedicated testimonials page) and include their pictures or videos whenever possible.

5.   Who else is using it?

It’s a fact.  As humans we feel more secure doing something when we know others are doing it too.  Same goes for your business.  Show visitors that they’d be missing out by not using your product or service.

Highlight well-known customers throughout your site, show-off all your social media fans and followers, and include any awards or accreditations that increase your credibility.

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