Does Online Video Really Help Your Search Engine Ranking?

I am asked quite often if marketing videos really help your search engine rankings. Of course I explain that there is a lot to review in order to understand the influence that video can have on your website’s traffic and search engine ranking. I’ll do my best to explain what the statistics mean to you and how you can optimize your videos within your marketing strategy to potentially have higher ranking content in search engine results.

What Are The Numbers Saying About Online Video and SEO? 

When your video is indexed within Google’s massive search database, it stands a 50 times greater chance of ranking on the first results page than any textual page. Wow, I really like those odds and I would say that all internet marketers would agree.  Also, according to Cisco’s research, 50% of internet traffic is going to be video. Video is 50x greater chance of ranking, and 50% of internet traffic is video… sounds like video is a good option. There’s not another single digital asset that has these internet marketing advantages that I’m aware of and have the statistics to support it. Now how do we get your video to rank?

7 Ways to Improve Your Video SEO and Rankings

  • Add keywords to the title of the video with the most important keyword(s) first.
  • Add keyword rich descriptive tags to each video
  • Within the video description, actually write a description. (You’d be amazed how many videos don’t have a description.)
  • Within the video description, include a URL which sends viewers to a landing page to convert viewers.
  • Upload your videos to every major video hosting platform: YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, etc.
  • Embed your videos on pages with relevant topics on you website.
  • Add a video sitemap to your website.

Video Search Engine Optimization is Simple But Takes Time & Resources

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Depending on the resources you have available, you might avail the capacities of an internet marketing consultant or video SEO agency. Adding the descriptions and keywords might be simple but video sitemaps and landing pages might be a little to much to handle. Either way, I would start by making a plan, printing off the 7 ways to improve your video SEO, and diving in!

Tasting The Rewards of Online Video and Measuring The Results

Being able to take advantage of video and use Search Engine Optimization [SEO] to rank your videos and website content on your website you’ll probably see these results. Your videos will receive 400% higher engagement than your other static content. You’ll have a 64% increase in a prospect’s propensity to buy after watching your videos. You should also see a 9% increase of time on website with video.

Good luck with your video marketing efforts! If you have any questions or comments please comment below, I’ll be quick to respond.

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