Digital Marketing: Would Your Business Benefit?

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  • Sarah, you provide excellent data that supports the importance and benefits to creating an online presence. Social media allows businesses a cost-effective method to target a wide audience and boost engagement and interaction among customers/partners/followers/etc. I believe harnessing digital marketing to the fullest requires true marketing ingenuity. As Marketing Director of the Cisco Government Practice, I have found that deploying digital marketing campaigns in conjunction with conferences and events can greatly increase audience participation before, during and after events. Without such engaging participation, events tend to be “one hit wonders.” Creating an interactive social media platform gives the feeling of a lively community which users can continuously interact with. This community is not limited to discussions with conference coordinators, but also a place where attendees can bounce questions off of each other on the latest trending topics or conference themes. As you can imagine, this greatly boosts interest, participation and interaction, and keeps the user thinking well after the event. Thanks for the great read, Sarah, I hope to see the benefits of digital marketing continue to be shared with the public.

  • Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for your insightful feedback. I’m glad to see that digital marketing has helped your company and that you have the confidence that it will continue to in the future. I completely agree with you that the Internet helps events or campaigns last longer since they can be continuously supported by an engaging viral community. Thanks again for your feedback and I’m happy that you enjoyed my post.


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