Content is Key to Building a Successful Email Marketing and Social Media Strategy

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  • Good post John, I particularly like the point about humanising your website which is something marketeers tend to have problems with. A lot of language nowadays attempts to remove all aspects of humanity from business communications yet the folks who write it are the same who quote the old adage about people doing business with people!

  • Thanks Nick (good to hear from you BTW), the human touch was what initially attracted me to @iContact first as a customer and then as an employee. I’d worked with several email providers before finding iContact but not a single one took the time to speak to me after I signed up. Hearing a voice on the phone welcome me to the iContact service and ask if I needed any help in setting up was IMO priceless. Like I said: Never underestimate the importance of people.

  • This speaks nothing but TRUTH! I love #7-Content Builds Content. I frequently tell clients that having an active online presence will lead to more “relationships.” Blogging is a solid example of how to start a conversation and participate in the realities of your audience.

  • I personally enjoy blogging. It’s much more casual and “human” like you say than creating web pages which I spend a lot time doing as well. Another great thing about blogging is that it can encourage feedback from readers and customers – an asset to any business.

  • Great article. Love the idea of being a leader vs a follower. Most articles about content marketing don’t mention this. And it’s so true. While I think for a lot it might be an unintended result of successful marketing, I think it’s something to aim for right from the get-go. Thanks for the reminder John.

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