Amazon Shuts Down Minnesota Affiliates

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  • Scott says:

    Typical Minnesota democrat – tax first, ask questions later. This effectively cuts off a significant revenue stream of many Minnesota businesses. Unbelievable!

  • Dave says:

    The only recourse I have then is to NEVER EVER EVER buy another product off of your site, and also advertise how you go out of your way punishing non-responsible parties for your lack of being able to collect more millions.

  • Rick246 says:

    Get off your high horse David. It was a stupid tax and a stupid move with the feds working on the Market Place Fairness act. You want to criticism a business for making a profit, which they earned, but support a greedy state government that never creates wealth and can only take it from others? Give me a break! I think I’ll go finish my Amazon book order now.

  • Alecia says:

    “But it is clear who loses: thousands of small website owners who made a few bucks each month sending buyers to Isn’t that just great.”

    A “few bucks”!? I made a full-time income on my blog with Amazon. Over $2500 a month will be gone in a few weeks! I can’t just switch to another affiliate because Amazon was the only place that carried the products that I recommend on my blog. I’m really panicking about what to do. I could move to Iowa and live with my aunt. At least I could still earn from Amazon until I figure out what to do. But, then again, I don’t want to have to pay income tax there. I’m so confused about what to do right now. :( I wish Congress would get off their butts and pass the Marketplace Fairness Act so I don’t have to deal with this.

    • Kent Grabau says:

      Here, in Montana, we don’t have sales tax. I grew up in Minnesota (Owatonna) and am willing to help, where and when I can. I’m a small business owner, too, and could wrap you into our company so you can continue your Amazon business. Contact me through my website at

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